Apply for Financing


Apply for Financing

If you’ve found the perfect car for your needs, next, you should consider a question: how are you going to pay for it? It could be a smart option to fill out a Toyota credit application with the team at Kenosha Toyota. While we encourage you to shop around for an auto loan and compare our rates with that of the local bank or credit union, getting security finance in Kenosha is a simple and painless process when you go with Kenosha Toyota for your auto loan and car lease needs near Racine.

Some Tips to Save Money, Time, and Your Credit Score

Like we said, we might not be the best place to find an auto loan. We encourage you to take a look at other sources of finance, including the local bank, the credit union, and the major banking apps’ automotive credit line service. However, here’s a few more tips to ensure that you’re driving smartly (literally) around Waukegan, IL:

  • If you put in all your hard credit checks within a 14 day window, they only count as one hard credit check on your credit report. Failing to do this could cause your credit score to fall more than it has to, which would be bad for your Toyota credit application.
  • The major factor in your credit score is credit utilization, so lowering how much of your credit is taken up will go the longest way to ensuring your credit stays good.
  • Having a larger down payment will help you borrow less money, which will in turn reduce your monthly payments and amount of interest paid. Try to get together as much money as you can before you come in to buy a car.

Let’s Have a Chat in Kenosha

If you’re near Milwaukee and you want to make the most out of your car buying experience, the team at Kenosha Toyota is ready to talk to you. Contact us today to get in touch with our auto loan team or check out our car buying tips.